Girls showering are such a turn-on…

January 18, 2008

Girls showering are such a turn-on. Don’t you just love to see their lithe bodies glistening in the water? With the water splashing over their breasts, down their bellies and over their pussies or ass, girls showering look so hot.

What is it about girls showering that drives guys crazy? Could it be some primordial memory of when humans were aquatic creatures? Is it the allure of girls looking like mermaids?

Maybe girls showering just look all wet and that reminds us of good sweaty sex. You know, the kind that they show in Hollywood movies where the woman ends up with wet hair!

Of course, it could be a throw back to those high school fantasies, where hormone-fueled boys dreamt of being able to sneak into the girls changing rooms and see the girls showering naked together. The internet has released that fantasy into reality with sites like and teen girls in the shower.